Dear Hearts


I like to share with you my observation and connection of the constellation Orion with Archangel Michael.

In 1997 I meditated with my boyfriend Christian who inspired by his vision drew picture of an A Michael.

Few days later in another meditation angel come again and pointed the shield he held in his hand.


This is the picture drown than by Christian Flores.


I love this A A Michael picture and

I recognised that it has great protection powers.


I used it over the years in healing and crystal balancing.

But I also think that this picture has association

with stars in Orion constellation.


The three stars in the middle of Orion are called his belt

and bottom stars Rigel and Saiph are his feet.

I was always wondering why Christian drew A Michael with his right leg up.



Than I recognised that if you align Orion constellation in an angle,

putting the belt in horizontal line as I did on this picture

you can see star Saiph, his right foot is raised up.


I also recognised that the outstretch hand of Orion is actually his sword of Power.


On 21 June summer Solstice the Sun is above this point in Orion constellation.


 I read in some books that constellation Orion is portrayed as a Hunter but in Pyramid texts it is associated with Osiris.


The Egyptian symbolic used to portray beings with wings, and this was their association to Angels as we call them now.


Maybe the so called ‘fallen Angels’ were actually the descended Angels, winged beings who come down to Earth and who build the pyramids in Egypt and than later in other parts of the Earth but this is only my speculation.


So I think that Egyptian Osiris is the AA Michael the leader, guardian and protector of light pictured in the sky as constellation Orion.



In the book ‘Orion Mystery’ by R Bauval & A Gilbert the stars of Orion belt are associated with 3 Pyramids in Giza and in book ‘Signs in the Sky’ by A Gilbert it shows The Sun on Summer solstice over the top of Khafre Pyramid.orion-star-from-book


Another book ‘Mayan Prophecies by A Gilbert and M Cotterell show that Orion region is Northern Star Gate and Southern Star gate is near Sagittarius where the Sun is at the time of Winter Solstice on 21 December.


This year the Winter Solstice on 21 December 2010 will be also in opposition to the Moon and Earth will create an eclipse of the Full Moon.

This eclipsed Full Moon will be where the Sun is at the

time of Summer Solstice in June, above sward of Orion.


Here is print showing position of the Full Moon eclipse

on 21 December 2010 just few hours before Winter Solstice.


The Winter Solstice and Full Moon Eclipse on 21 12 2010

will activate Star gates and opening the Galactic Door portals.


I wonder if the Mayan long count calendar calculations

that put the date of 21 December 2012 were not mistaken for 2010. 

Winter Solstice and Full Moon eclipse will be in points that are called Gate of God and Gate of Man according to Lunar Planner .com

I was guided yesterday to visit for the first time, the website of Adrian Gilbert and I read his articles that I will post in my next post.

Now I like to share here small parts in connection to Orion and Star gates:

In article 1this part talks of Orion and Star gates:

According to the ancient cosmology there were two of these: one was in the northern hemisphere and the other was in the southern. These “stargates” were positioned at the points in the sky where the ecliptic, the pathway of the sun, crosses the Milky Way. Therefore one of these positions was in Sagittarius, above the sting of Scorpio, and the other was in Gemini, above the outstretched arm or “club” of Orion.

I strongly recommend you read his articles especially the second article where he also explains the true astronomical positions of planets. I believe that Adrian Gilbert provides excellent information that may actually be even more valid this year especially during Winter Solstice 2010.

I know that the Sun on Spring Equinox is connected to Mayan Pyramid of Kukulcan in Chichen Itza. The Sun on summer Solstice in June is connected to Giza and activates this point in Orion constellation.  I thing that December Solstice is connected to a place in South America and I like to find out where in the world is Sun activating during September Equinox. As Above so Below. Love & Light Barbara