Dear Visitors

In 1991 my Polish friend Gerald was often coming for a channelling session and we did meditations together. At that time my spirit guides were helping him develop strong connection to his guides. Perhaps there was another reason for me to be a witness to his journey in opening his awareness to past life experiences.

I feel guided to share now one of those experiences recorded after our meditation, in which Gerald would describe his visions. The synopsis of that original recording is in Polish but here I bring my closest translation of it in English.

I could just write and describe in my own words what happened, but I would like you to see what I witnessed then. I am not changing any structure or the content of the transcript, as I wanted to stay true to the story told and to the topic of Gerald’s vision.

This meditation/vision was recorded on the 21 October 1991. 

Gerek-This story is out of this world, I tell you what, we can write a book now.

Basia -Ok talk, tell me everything.

Gerek-It was like this, as I concentrated I asked my guides to show me everything in relation to my connection with the time of pyramids and the Sphinxes.

Sphinxes gate

Sphinxes gate

I said to them: initially you showed me the gate with Sphinxes, I attempted approaching the main gate three times, but I couldn’t go through it. I said – I want to go through this gate now.

First, I asked if I could walk through it today and second, what will be on the other side of the gate?

They said- what’s on the other side of the gate you will see for yourself, but today you cannot go through it, you are not ready yet.

Ok I said, if you don’t want let me in, then please show me everything from time of pyramids and Sphinxes. What I have been shown so far, all those visions, which I have seen so far, are they true?

Do you know what they told me?

Wait, wait there was a name … I was pharaoh Hopes, Hops…

Basia -Cheops?   

Gerek- Cheops, I was something like this, I was pharaoh and you see, what was shown to me from that Sphinx: it was death of my brother who was put in sarcophagus. The Sphinx was spilling out a tin over the sarcophagus to preserve it for a long time.

I said: what purpose does it serve?

They said: together with the death of your brother there was a burial of a secret, about which only you and one of your subordinates knew.

So I said: tell me then something about that secret?

They said; to go back with my thoughts to when I was the pharaoh, they could not do it because I would posses that secret.

I kept being persistent and I said: then please tell me something about it?

They said: no we can not tell you about this secret because it has not been discovered yet and it will be a long, long time until it is revealed.

And they said:  Sphinxes are there because they are protecting and guarding that secret, which is not going to be revealed for a long time yet.

I tell you, things today… I want to laugh, because it all looks and feels like out of this planet.

Basia -Keep talking, everything.

Gerek- But you know I was so deep into it and I said that I want to regress back and learn about that secret. They said: before you can learn about the secret we want to inform you that we have written on your account a murder, I mean not a murder but death of one man…

I asked: why did you attribute it to me?

Because you ordered that man to be killed, that man knew the secret and you asked him to place the secret inside that sarcophagus of your brother. Only him and you knew about the secret in those papyruses. You were afraid that he would not keep that secret and you ordered to kill him. And you are responsible for his death and will have to pay for it… I said: well beautiful…

I asked: so how will I re-pay that? All will be shown to you.

Well, great: so you understand, I am focusing again and I asked that they tell me something about the secret, what, where? But they continue to say that they cannot do it.

But I insist that I want to know the secret and that I will not tell it to anyone.

They said: it doesn’t matter because this will not be discovered and revealed for a long time yet.

Ok I said, but could I know the secret? – You can know that secret, I mean they didn’t say it.

Only there was, you understand, I had a vision, I had a vision.

And there was this; the pyramid of Cheops was build and I was buried there, it was built in my honour and I was buried there again with some other secrets.

But, I had a vision of a pyramid and inside that pyramid was a spaceship, hidden spaceship; you understand? In the pyramid is a hidden spaceship. I have seen it and they told me that this spaceship landed and was damaged and it couldn’t go back where it came from. They said; you knew about this and some of the people from your circle, which held high social standing, very wise people… (End of the first side of the tape) Where it would be possible to hide this spaceship until the help could come, which would bring some spare parts to enable it to fly again.

And they decided to build something and they talked to me about it because I was educated but I had no idea what they were talking about because they were so advanced in knowledge, they knew so much. They were so above me in every aspect, they were strong and very clever.

And they decided that they could build from blocks of stone something that will cover it and in that way putting a block on top of a block they built pyramid this way and in one of pyramid is the spaceship. But everything about that spaceship, when, what civilisation, where from: all this is inside that Sphinx in the sealed sarcophagus of my brother. I knew about that secret and kept it together with other secrets I have learned from those people and I left and no longer exist.

They explained to me also symbols that are on those. Because those people later on went in different directions in the world. Their plan was to make something that would be visible from afar on Earth: some kind of a symbol, which they could recognise and they would know that their civilisation was here. About this spaceship and other symbols were made by these people, because there wasn’t so advanced civilisation on Earth before.

I say: there was no telecommunication or other devices allowing contact; so they decided to disperse and they went to build all over the world something that was visible from above, that was something like that.

Basia:What else did they say?

Gerek-I said about this civilisation, when they spread around the world, they did their thing and they are still here now. But they had to hide because their knowledge was so advanced from other humans on Earth, so they were in danger of being killed or something like that.

They were so advanced with their knowledge; they possessed knowledge from another place not from here. All those signs that are not explained, they were for their own people to let them know about their existence on Earth.

So I said, this Cheops pyramid was built in my honour and I was buried there together with other secrets, which I have not revealed even when dying.

Basia-Is that all? I like to look in the encyclopaedia and read about Cheops now.

Gerek-I am thinking, wait … I will tell you more. When I asked them about time of pyramids and Sphinxes just at the beginning, I saw that I was walking through the stone doors with ornaments, they were sliding to both sides of the wall and I stepped into a corridor, and I walked through this corridor and I saw…But I forgot to ask about what it was.

I saw a tunnel illuminated by burning lanterns on both sides of the corridor, and there was a stone pedestal with the laying Pharaoh. They said that this was his tomb.

But I didn’t ask, which pharaoh, because this was just at the beginning of my vision, you know.

They showed me that corridor and that Pharaoh lying there; he had this snake, cobra was lying there, he had this apron like the Sphinx has around his head.

Basia -Can you see it all so clearly?

Gerek-Yes I can see it all very clearly.

Basia -I don’t have visions like yours in my meditations.  I only feel the energy. I only have visions in my dreams.

Gerek-Perhaps there is something wrong with me?

Basia-No, this is very good that you can have such visions. You have your third eye fully opened.

Gerek- Do you understand? I had this and what else? This was the beginning.

Basia-Did you see the pharaoh?

Gerek-Yes, it was the beginning, for a moment I saw stonewalls and a beautiful ornamented door in that wall, and they were sliding into that wall. I asked: could I go inside? They said: you can go in. So I went in through this corridor, but it was not a regular walk. It felt like I was swimming and I swam inside.

And there was this stone pedestal with the pharaoh on it, and I ask what is it? They said it was tum of a pharaoh but they did not tell me which pharaoh. Was it mine or not mine, just pharaoh?

Then again, this light comes over me and I wanted to walk through that gate with 2 sphinxes on both sides. But they said that it’s not time yet, you are not ready yet. So I asked: what is on the other side?

And they said: you would see when you go there we cannot tell you this now.

Ok so I asked them again and I have this vision.

I saw this spaceship inside a pyramid. It was round had the lights on.

Basia -So you were inside the Cheops pyramid?

Gerek-No, they did not say that it was the Cheops pyramid.

Basia -Then, which one it was?

Gerek-They did not say that it was Cheops pyramid, I only saw pyramid but I did not asked.

They only said that the Cheops pyramid was built in my honour and that I was buried there, you know.

That spaceship I saw inside the pyramid, it was round, had few levels, had lights on. I saw normal people inside, not wearing some space suits, just normal uniforms. They were walking around inside the spaceship. It was dark inside pyramid, but the spaceship was illuminating the entire interior.

Aha, they told me that people who built this pyramid from my side, who worked for me; they all were killed in order to keep this secret.

And they said about those big blocks, they asked me if it does not surprise me that all those blocks have the geometrical shape, all are kind of identical in size? He said, it was other civilisation building it, they knew all about geometry, shapes and measurements that you knew nothing about.

Basia -Those who come in space ships built these pyramids?

Gerek -Yes but wait, you interrupted me. They said…

I asked: but how were stones put on top of the other stones? Because in the books it said that they were pulled up on a ramp.

They said: these people used focused energy of their mind to move stone on top of a stone. He said, imagine how big the crane would have to be to lift the last stone on top of the pyramid?

This information I got today it makes my brain standing up.

I felt like I wasn’t here today at all. I could hear nothing, not even this noise of recording. I didn’t hear it.

Later they told me that they have to disconnect from me, because their energy was getting weaker and mine too. They said to contact them during the next full Moon, which will be soon.