Dear Hearts
Last weekend I was watching again video of a 4 day walk to Machu Pichu that my family member made in beginning of July 09
This has fired up again my imagination and connection with invisible world that I feel is guiding me. Next day New Moon 6 December activated my discussion on another website, but I choose not to have restrictions in expressing my views so I bring it here. 
I read article I posted in previous post on lunarplanner website and today I posted in that website forum this message from Nick  that I share here.
I will add replays and other discussions here as they will come. With Love and Light in One Heart.
Dear Nick
Thank you for excellent informative new article about Jupiter synod cycles. In article you write about Jupiter’s Perihelion being closes to Sun and Earth next year and Jupiter 77 cycles. It inspired my thoughts about Vedic Calendar and the current Kali Yuga that according to this website: … _intro.PDF
started on 17 February 3102 BC. When I checked this date using RedShift 2 astronomy program I saw that there was Venus Jupiter conjunction and other planets close in Pisces constellation.
Than I thought if Kali Yuga cycle has connection with Mayan Long count Calendar that most “Mayanists” see starting in August 3114 and ending on Dec Solstice 2012.
I added the 5125 years that Long count cycle is made of 13 smaller cycles. And the end date I got is approx 26 February 2023.
Than I saw in your chart of Jupiter that this is close to date you put there.
I know that we are entering what I call ‘Galactic Door 2011″ and thanks to your article I know that it is in connection to Planetary alignment of Jupiter and Venus in Pisces sidereal.
I write since 2009 on my blog … c-jupiter/
Where I posted link to your article but I would like to write more about the connection I feel this cycles have with
Vedic Calendar, Kali Yuga and Mayan Long count calendar.
Is there a program that I could see starting from date 17 February 3102 a sequence of Jupiter’s synods as you mention there is 77 in a cycle. I wonder what dates they would be and what distances in Julian days count that would make.
I don’t know yet how long is Kali Yuga cycle so I will write to Monks in Kauai asking this question.

I feel that we are entering last Jupiter-Venus Cycle before the New Yuga merges with our reality in 2023.

According to Vedic Calendar count made in Kauai Monastery in Hawaii we are in year 5112 . The New Year started on 14-15 April2010 when The Sun entered Aries constellation sidereal zodiac. The calendar also mentions 60 year cycle of 5 Jupiter returns and last such cycle started in 1987 that is another date you have shown in your chart.
Thank you for your website and great work you share with the world. Durga